Web Design for Drum and Bass Websites

Presentations delivered through the World Wide Web are usually created through web design. Thus, web design can be defined as the skill used to create these presentations. Designers create such presentations using the web browser or software such as internet television clients, RSS readers as well as microblogging clients. The software used has to be web – enabled. This is normaly carried out in order to generate an anthology of electronic files located on a server. It is also necessary for drum samples of content as well as interactive features or interfaces so that the end user can easily access them in the form of pages. Web design involves the placement of several elements including text and bit-map images such as gifs, JPEGs as well as GIFs on the page. The use of HTML, XML as well as XHTML helps designers to place these web elements.

Web design also involves the placement of other more complex media such as animations, sounds, vector graphics as well as videos. In such a case, design would therefore require the use of plug – ins which can also be fixed to the web page through HTML together with XHTML tags. Examples of plug-ins commonly used include QuickTime, Flash as well as Java run – time environment. Since there have been major developments in web design ever since its advent, most people use XHTML and XML together with Cascading Style Sheets commonly referred to as CSS. These tags are necessary in the positioning and manipulation of objects and elements on the web page. As advancements in web design keep growing, designers are slowly embracing the creation of web pages without plug – ins.

Web designers create pages that could be broadly classified under two groups; static or dynamic. The content and layout of static web pages can only be altered with manual updates created by the programmer. Dynamic pages on the other hand can be altered by an end user’s input. The computing environment can also alter the content of a dynamic web page. It is however necessary to note that web design is especially concerned with the graphic design of a web page rather than the logistics as is the case in web development. Web design involves the use of several disciplines. These include search engine optimization, animation, typography, graphic design, interaction design, communication design, free drum samples and drum samples download options, corporate identity, marketing among others. What is more, it uses Multimedia technologies such as Flash and Silverlight together with Database technologies including PHP and ASP. Mark up together with Style sheet languages are also used, not forgetting to mention client – side scripting as well as server – side scripting.

Designers have to conform to certain principles in order to ensure that the web pages are accessible. For instance, it is advisable to use semantic markup so that the hip hop drum samples can have a meaningful musical structure. What is more, the web page should also be organized semantically so that other web services can easily recognize them on various web pages. Web designers also need to use a valid mark up language that follows the standards of a published DTD or Schema. Non text components should be presented in forms equivalent to text such as images and multimedia. Hyperlinks are also necessary but they should be placed in such a way that when one reads the text, it still makes sense. For layout in Web design apply CSS instead of HTML tables. Frames should also be avoided. It is important for any web design process to consider the intelligibility of the web pages while it should also be easily accessible to the users.

Graphic Design Drum and Bass Covers

Not all things can be called a work of art, and not all the artwork is also called graphic design, graphic design has a meaning as art and not everyone is talented in graphic design, although many people who majored in graphic design in the world of their education, but they not necessarily able to fully master of graphic design, they also even many who do not understand how to create a beautiful work of art and has a high selling price, to become a designer graphic a reliable and qualified, of course you must have the level of creativity and imagination powerful, because instead of the imagination they can be poured into a beautiful work of art. To listen to some of our drum sound creations you can check out our myspace. Feel free to leave feedback!

If you are a graphic designer, you can show your skills and make something useful from the results of your work, you do not use your work only for a hobby, but your ability to make something more useful and beneficial, many companies who need your services, especially if they need a new logo design for their product package.

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Calling Me

I wipe my hand across the clouded mirror by my shower
I see a face that looks as though it’s aging by the hour

The world begins at the county line and there’s still so much to see
I live my life on the borderline, does God have a plan for me
I hear is loud as thunder, it’s my name, I think the other side is Calling Me

First to rise but last to see my life is just a circle
Waste my time waiting for a break that never comes

I’ve lost my fear of the penalty and there’s no one on my side
I felt that surge from the energy and my instincts just replied
I hear it loud as thunder, it’s my name, I think the other side is Calling Me

I clear my head of the misconceptions learned in the old school
Changing course from a dismal life and aging toward an old fool

The world begins at the county line and there’s still so much to see
I live my life on the borderline, does God have a plan for me
I hear it loud as thunder, it’s my name, I think the other side is Calling Me



Perfect are these times when our visions are clear
Open hearts, and minds, and anxiously awaiting ears
And we believe we’ve lived it all and speak daringly in terms of forever
Golden, as our day begins to fade, will be tomorrow

Chorus: I’ll have you if you would be mine
We can spend our Golden Years together down the line

Weightless, we float between the stars and the horizon
Savage, we attack each other’s flesh just like lions
Then once again, I hide myself away, cause I’m sure that you will find me
Golden, ‘cause you won’t let me get away, will be tomorrow


I’m sure these blackened days
Will regain their luster
If I am strong, and if you would be mine
If you would be mine

Chorus: (variation)

Golden, if we ever get our way, will be tomorrow




She’s standing in the corner of an empty room
Holding up the ceiling where the rain is coming through
Though the door is swinging open she fights the urge
But she says she has her moments when she wants what she deserves

Father resigned but leaves her wealthy
But poor in spirit this can’t help
She cries without a tear and swings without a fight
And locks herself away from open arms

She never has a reason for how she lives
And she often talks to Jesus, weighs advice he gives
If the truth is what he’s speaking she’ll have her day
But if his words appear misleading she’ll turn the other way

Not even he can repair what’s broken
Or fill the gaps that life left open
She falls to peaceful sleep
When there’s nowhere else to go
And dreams about a place she’ll wake that’s . . .

Anywhere but here
Anywhere but here . . . in a brighter shade of gray

She’s staring at the sadness of an empty wall
Envisioning the vibrance of the countryside in fall
Though it’s just imagination she feels the breeze
As she waits for the arrival of dreams that lead her . . .

Anywhere but here
Anywhere but here . . . in a brighter shade of gray